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The following links are provided for the information of our event management course participants, as well as event managers/coordinators in general.

Roads ACT Special Events Handbook for Event Organisers

Roads ACT have compiled this booklet to help event organisers plan and conduct their special events in a way that minimises the impact on the road network.

Download the Roads ACT Special Events Handbook for Event Organisers (PDF) »

Triathlon Australia: Event Operations Manual

The Triathlon Event Operations Manual (EOM) is a reference manual for the conduct of sanctioned multi-sport events staged in Australia. The EOM is designed to assist event organisers to produce high quality events that are safe, fair and fun.

Download Triathlon Australia: Event Operations Manual (PDF) »

Alexandrina Council: Event Risk Management Plan

This Event Risk Management Plan is designed to assist event organisers plan and document their event. This plan also provides information the identification, assessment and management of risks associated with the operation for the event to Council for the event approval process. It also contains a useful diagram that provides an overview of the event risk management process.

Download Alexandrina Council: Event Risk Management Plan (PDF) »

Shire of Northam: Sample Event Risk Management Plan

This sample risk management plan is designed as a guide for event managers. It discussions matters associated with stakeholder engagement in risk planning, risk identification, assessing potential risks, evaluating and treating risks and the development of a risk action plan.

Download Shire of Northam: Sample Event Risk Management Plan (PDF) »

Elliston Council: Event Risk Safety and Event Management Plan

This publication provides an example of the range of documentation required by local councils prior to the conduct of an event. Additionally, it includes several useful checklists associated with event planning and risk management.

Elliston Council: Event Risk Safety and Event Management Plan (PDF) »


More helpful event planning resources and event management books

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